Time Change till the Time Change

For now, all swims are at 8. That is, we meet at Tower 9 at 8am, discuss conditions, decide on route, and swim by 8:15.

It’s just that it’s still dark at 7:15 am and we’d rather be safe than sorry. So, at least until Daylight Savings Time Ends, all the swims start at 8am.

Recent Conditions

Recently, the water has been clearer. On November 2, we could see to the bottom, at least 10 feet deep. That’s amazing!

Also, the water has been smooth, with waves timed far apart. That makes it ideal for those of you who are unfamiliar with ocean swimming. You’ll have an easier time making it beyond the breakers.

Water Temp

Water temp has fluctuated between 58 – 62 F, most recently at 62 F. The after drop hasn’t been bad at all as there’s been little difference between the water and air temp in the mornings. Lower winds have helped.

Looking forward to seeing you out there!

Swims are TUESDAY, Thursday, and Saturday at 8am. Majority will rule on length and route of swim. Be there and be heard!