Changing TUES/THUR Swim Times; This weekend’s swims cancelled due to Air Show!

*First, we will start meeting at 7 am for our Tuesday/Thursday swims. We’ll be in the water by about 7:10. This is so we can swim in the daylight. It’s been dark and overcast most mornings, so 7:10/7:15 is a better start time until the Daylight Savings Time Change.

**Next, wave height will be 4-6 feet this week. These waves are high and on Sunday, they were powerful. Only come to the swim if you believe yourself strong enough to swim past the surf. Or, if you have fins.

It’s OK if you want to skip this week.

Lastly, no swims this weekend due to the airshow. Parking and congestion will be terrible.

We hope to see you Tu/Th this week or sometime next week.