Video Gallery

Tom, buoy swim
Possible 6 foot wave sighting in HB
Peter mid-swim
Peter wishing I caught a better angle
Peter bodysurfing a wave
Caio, prepping for the MEGA, the original swimrun event

Reading Water
View from the beach, Tower 9

Brigid’s Swim, 1.4.22

Ingrid Bodysurfing

Ingrid & Mary swimming faster & farther than the guys, 27.2.22
Trunking it at the buoy, 25.2.22
Dolphins at the 1:30 mark, 25.2.22
Josh’s Last Swim, 25.2.22
Buoy Swim, 20.2.22

Billy and Josh at the Buoy, 13.2.22
Tower 9, 13.2.22
Two Foot Wave Entry, 6.2.22
Josh Swimming, 6.2.22

Billy’s First Buoy Swim