Open Water Swimming Orange County

Billy of the buoy swim above.

Open water swimming Orange County for triathletes, open water swimmers, and general aquatic enthusiasts. If you’re into open water swimming, or want to get started, join us for a swim. So long as you can swim 300 yards non-stop, can tread water for at least 2-3 minutes, and can duck dive, you should be fine. We’ll help you with your duck dive technique and timing.

Josh working on technique
Josh of Video above

Sometimes we bring a GoPro. You can also bring your own. You’ll probably want to use a GoPro floaty or floating stick. The waves can easily knock off your GoPro head mount or chest mount.

Josh and Ali, likely Fall of 2021
Josh and Caio, February 2022
The crew, September, 2021

For more information about upcoming swims. Usually, the only cancel conditions are: rain up to 48-72 hours before a swim; oil spills, sewage spills; beach closures; waves about 5 feet or higher. The waves are a tricky thing as sometimes overhead waves (6′ or higher) aren’t so bad. It’s the frequency, chop, wind, and general chaos that can make surf more difficult to swim through. We’ll make an informed decision about it based on information from MagicSeaWeed’s forecast for the area.

Once you gain some experience with 2-3 foot waves, you should be fine. Most of the time in HB, the waves are 2-3′ or lower. On the days there are higher waves, feel free to bring a pair of fins. The extra propulsion will help you power under the waves in your duck dives.

Open water swimming Orange County usually has swims every Sunday at Tower 9. Feel free to join us. We’re a welcoming group and can help if you’re new to swimming in the ocean.