Christmas Morning Swim 2020

We’ll meet at Tower 9 at 8 am. Then, we’ll pair up, discuss conditions and enter the water about 8:10.

The full length will be from Tower 9, out to the breakers, parallel to the beach north to Tower 1 and returning the same way out. All in all, it’s about 1700-2000 yards, depending on how far out the breakers are that morning and how straight you can swim.

You and your partner can choose a shorter route. Please just communicate your plans to the group.

We will wait up to 2 minutes once we reach the breakers for pairs to catch up. This makes it easier for everyone to know how far out we’ll want to be. Basically, it’s not just beyond the breakers, but beyond the surf lineup. We want to be in sight of the surfers, just not in their way. They’re like extra lifeguards should we need help.

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Merry Christmas everyone!