Changes and Updates

Weekday Swim Time Change to 7:30 AM

First, Tuesday/Thursday start times are changing back to 7:30 am. This is due to the later sunrise combined with marine layer/ foggy mornings / cloudy mornings recently. We want to be able to see and be seen when we swim. It’s been a little too dark recently, so we’d rather be safe than sorry.

As weekday swims are smaller groups, we can get out close to 7:40 and return to Tower 9 more quickly. This means we can be back to Tower 9 by 8:15 ish. You can be spritzed off and in your car by 8:30.


We will abide by the rules of thumb regarding rain. If it’s the first rain in at least 2-3 weeks, we’ll refrain from swimming for 2-3 days.

If it’s been raining for at least 2 consecutive days, we’ll refrain from swimming for 2-3 days.

If it’s only a light rain and/or it’s been raining a bit on and off for the last week, we’ll refrain from swimming for 1-2 days.

We do this to avoid runoff. Oil on the street drains straight to the ocean and if it’s been a while since the last rain, the ocean becomes full of oil and poopsicles. Don’t want to elaborate, but the ocean becomes befouled after rains.


In case of an oil spill, swims will be canceled until further notice.

In case of a local sewage spill, swims will be canceled until further notice.

If there is a medium to heavy fog, that day’s swim will be canceled. But, if it’s just a light fog, we’re ok. So long as we have ~200 yards visibility in the ocean – meaning we can see the shore – we’re good for a swim.

LASTLY: Swim on October 1st is canceled due to Air Show.

It’s too loud and crowded during the air show. Also, they’ve been trying to cordon off the area around Tower 9 as that is where they’ve been setting up the grandstand recently. It will likely be too crowded for parking.