Conditions, Late August 2022

August has been up and down, both in terms of water temp and wave height. There have been days when the water has been 60 F and days when it’s been 70 F. And, just this morning, August 27th, the sets had 4-6′ waves. These swells will likely keep up through the weekend and will diminish to the regular 2-4′ waves we’re used to.

This morning the water temp varied between 60 and 63 F. Oscillated might be a better term as there were warmer and cooler bands of water with only a moment between them, no gradual change.

The swells are typical for the summer, mostly from the south right now. In a month or so, we’ll start feeling swells from the north.

Just a reminder: when the waves are higher than usual (4’+), the cross-current near the shore is stronger, so expect to drift a tower or two by the time you swim past the breakers.

We are fin-friendly and at about half the swims you can expect to see at least one pair of fins. They can give you the extra boost you need getting through the waves. As Tom said, “Fins are the ultimate swimming hack.”

Take care and hope to see you soon!