Updates, mid-July 2022

Waves have been 5-8 feet this past weekend. There has been light to medium fog some mornings.

Good news: there’s been low wind. And the water has been low to mid 60s. Has felt great. For the experienced, no wetsuit needed.

Surfline’s Forecast for the next few days; seems more accurate than MSW.

Oh, and I’m no longer posting the pic of the MagicSeaWeed (MSW) forecast for a few reasons: 

1- MSW almost always overestimates the water temp.

2- Wave height forecast has been way off recently. MSW claimed 2-3 ft for Saturday. They revised it Saturday morning to 3-4 ft. Reality was 6-8 feet for half the sets Saturday morning.

3- MSW has been all over the place with wind direction and speed. Wind has been lower in the mornings, as is usual for the summer.

So, I’ll just post what the conditions have been recently.

But, there are large waves likely this week.

Come join us for good conditions!

One Note:

You can wear fins for extra propulsion and confidence through the waves.

The usual:

We can escort you through the waves if you need help.

Recently, we’ve been swimming ~1,500 yards. If there are enough swimmers, we can break into 2 groups, with one swimming ~1,500 yards and the other 2,000-2,500 yards.

Water might feel a little cool to the uninitiated. So, pack a hot beverage to drink immediately upon exiting the water (not your car). This is more important than drying off. But, definitely dry off once you’ve taken in some hot fluids. At a water temperature of 60+, you should be fine with even tepid fluids.

We look forward to seeing you there!