Reading Water

You can see the current conditions at Surfline’s Huntington Street cam. It is where the action happens.

Reading Water, 29 June 2022

Just an off-the-cuff analysis of video and information from Surfline (SL) and MagicSeaWeed (MSW). Both are good sources of information about water conditions. Just know their biases. MSW tends to overestimate water temp while SL tends to be a day behind. You might want to check other sites by Googling Huntington Beach Water Temp. The city website and others have more accurate/current readings.

Also, please keep in mind that the wind and surf height from MSW tends to be higher the further out the day is. For example, if today is 4 July, 2022, and you’re looking for conditions for 10 July, 2022, you’ll see something like 10 knot winds, 6 foot waves. Then, as 10 July actually approaches, the wind forecast slows to 8, then 6. So, too, the wave height tamps down from 6 to 5 to 3. Remember this when visiting MSW.

SL tends to be more accurate for Tower 9 (Huntington Street).

That’s all for now.