Updates, late June

Water Conditions

It’s been windy at least half the mornings recently. By windy, I mean the wind has been 8 knots or higher. That makes for choppy conditions, the conditions least desired by swimmers. It throws off your breathing when you’re worried about waves and whitecaps even when you’re 15 yards beyond the breakers.

Then, when it hasn’t been windy, it’s been foggy. Now, a little wind is ok, but about 10 knots is the breaking point. Same for fog: a light fog is ok, but when you have trouble seeing the shore from beyond the breakers, sometimes just 150 yards from shore, that’s dangerous.

It’s mostly for these reasons we haven’t posted weekday swims.

So, if you look at any of the cameras on Tower 9 or anywhere nearby, such as the pier, and you see it’s quite foggy that morning, there’s a chance the swim will be canceled. The text chat is the best measure of when we have swims and when they’re canceled.

Even when it’s been sunny for a few days and all the apps show it’ll be sunny the next morning, there has sometimes been fog. Please keep that in mind.

Water Temp

The water temp dropped from a high of about 67 on Tuesday, June 21st to 55 on Saturday, June 25th. This is a precipitous drop. It’s always safer to bring a wetsuit and not need it than not have it and want it.

The wise choice is to bring a wetsuit if you’re not acclimated to water temps in the 50s. And always bring a thermos with a hot beverage to Tower 9.

Other News: Changing weekend swim times

We are going to start our Saturday and Sunday swims at 8 am from July onwards. This just makes it easier for everyone on the weekends.

So, we meet at Tower 9 at 8 am (weekends) and will be in the water by 8:10.

See you on a swim at Tower 9. You can bring fins if you want and let your friends know about the group!