Swimming Sundays and at least one weekday, 8am

We are swimming Sundays at 8am along with one weekday at 8am. So far, the only conditions that have canceled swims have been oil spills, sewage spills, rain, and illness.

Basically, other than those listed above, typically only two other conditions can conspire to prevent more swim days: high surf (anything 5′ or over can be daunting for the uninitiated)and high winds (over 10mph winds can make it a bit too choppy for those not used to swimming beyond the surf).

As the water warms up, we’re more likely to have more swimmers and more frequent swims. Recently, it’s been about 57 F in the water and, if the sun’s out, about the same air temperature.

Also, we’re planning on having surf entry days for those of you who need to learn how to duck dive into and through the surf. We’re beginner-friendly, so please feel free to reach out and ask us questions.

Lastly, we’re planning on staging some swim runs every other Sunday. These will begin in late February.

Rather than typical swim runs, these will be a single swim followed by a single run, rather than an Otillo swim-run-swim-run-swim-run. If you’re not interested in the run portion, no worries. You are more than invited to come to the swim portion.

We hope to see you soon. We’ll post all the upcoming swims and swim runs on the events page.